Program Information


Marianopolis College offers pre-university academic programs leading to a DEC. Each program consists of required and complementary courses. Marianopolis offers the following pre-university programs:



Understand time and space. Develop the next Canadarm. Discover a cure. Design bridges and skyscrapers. Practice medicine or dentistry. Treat animals, big and small. Help solve global warming. Science at Marianopolis is one of the most well-respected programs in Quebec. Each year, a higher than average proportion of our students are admitted to medical and dental schools. More about Science.

Social Science

Find out when humans become human. Understand why World War II started. Get to know if global warming is real or if capitalism is dead. Understand politics and what it means to live in a just society. Figure out how our minds work and why there is crime. Social Science prepares you for university studies in anthropology, business, economics, geography, history, law, political science, psychology and sociology and much more. More about Social Science.


Find out what bulls and bears are. Understand why stocks rise or fall. Learn what makes great advertising. Or realize what it takes to run a business. The Commerce profile prepares students for careers in accounting, consulting, finance, human resources, international business, law or marketing. More about Commerce.

Creative Arts, Literature and Languages (CALL)

Appreciate Beethoven. Delve into da Vinci. Start writing your screenplay. How about a novel or a play? Now is the time to tell your story. Or explore world cultures by learning another language. CALL cultivates self-expression, creativity and critical thinking. Find your muse at Marianopolis. More about CALL.


Start composing your opus. Master Mozart. Make audiences swoon at the Met. Music at Marianopolis prepares you for university studies in any art-based program, including, of course, music. You will study ear training, music theory and literature, instrumental and ensemble playing, and music technology. Being a Marianopolis Music student means that you are taking your instrumental and ensemble courses at McGill University's Schulich School of Music. Isn't that cool? Marianopolis is the only college that offers this. More about Music.

Double DECs with Music

Nurture both sides of your brain. Connect math and music. Understand why you can't get that song out of your head. Play and study Puccini. Keep options open with a 3-year Double DEC, double-concentration program. In each of the six semesters, you will take courses from the General Education component, from the Music program and from your chosen concentration. Who said you had to give up anything? More about:

Social Science and Music

Creative Arts, Literature & Languages and Music

Science and Music

Arts and Sciences

Study not only the history of the Middle Ages but the medicine as well. Analyze the religious and social implications of Galileo's breakthroughs in science and mathematics. Understand the science and art of da Vinci. Arts and Sciences, also known as Sciences, lettres et arts or le DEC intégré, features key elements of three programs: Science, Social Science and Creative Arts, Literature & Languages. Challenging, multi-faceted and versatile, Arts and Science is designed for students seeking to explore all kinds of subjects before deciding on university studies. More about Arts and Sciences.

Liberal Arts

Aristotle, Aquinas and Sartre challenged the world around them. Homer, Virgil and Shakespeare commented on society. From ancient times to the present day, writers and thinkers have shaped the modern world. Liberal Arts at Marianopolis takes students on a journey of the works and ideas, which have influenced the ancient world, Medieval times, the Renaissance and the 20th Century. More about Liberal Arts.

Honours Options

Have something extra-strong to show on your university applications. Marianopolis offers many Honours options to students who are highly motivated. More about Honours Profiles.